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Welcome to Amida Emporium


 Our products are HANDCRAFTED by the indigenous artisan of BODHGAYA who are very skilled in crafting a Buddha sculpture. Since Bodhgaya has a great historical significance where LORD BUDDHA  attained nirvana under the Peepal tree, Many people has been greatly influenced by the Buddha's philosophy which is later on, widely spread across South-Asia and some parts of the world. With the passage of time, some of them learnt the art of sculpting a Buddha statue in stone and wood.


Any travelers visiting AMIDA EMPORIUM,BODHGAYA would be very delighted and thrilled to see our hand-made Buddha's statue collection as the visitors would be seeing exclusive and rare products available with us. There are more than 500 hand-made  items in the shop with different shapes, sizes and color. This business has been wholly owned by Mr. Jai Singh, who opened the establishment in 1994 and has expanded to another shop in the name of 'SUJATA EMPORIUM'.

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Hotel Royal Residency, Bodhgaya


Tel: +91-8292411195

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